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12Apr 2022

It’s tough to keep moving forward if you don’t consider what is waiting to trip you up. There are usually multiple ways to look at anything. In the case of the Yardi Matrix National Multifamily Report for March 2022, you could emulate the late lyricist Johnny Mercer: accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and don’t […]

14Sep 2021

Property prices grew in 24 of the 25 markets over the quarter with only New York and San Francisco showing price decreases. Freddie Mac’s Multifamily Apartment Investment Market Index trended positive in the second quarter, buoyed by rising net operating incomes and low interest rates. The index is up 0.7% quarterly and 2.6% annually, while […]

06Aug 2021
CoStar Mid-Year Report

Despite slowing job growth in the face of lingering COVID restrictions near the end of Q2 2021, the San Diego apartment market is seeing record breaking demand and growth. This was the message conveyed by Josh Ohls, Director of Market Analytics for CoStar during a recent Mid-Year State of the Market. County-wide, San Diego has […]

10Mar 2021
Concessions hit their peak over the summer but decreased in the fourth quarter.

Despite being handed out like candy in 2020, multifamily concessions are now on the decline, according to new research from Yardi Matrix. Concessions hit their peak over the summer but decreased in the fourth quarter, owing in part to job market gains and an increase in consumer sentiment as the economy reopened and COVID-19 vaccines […]

15Aug 2016

For additional evidence that renting by choice is a reality, consider a pair of new studies from credible authorities—Zillow and the National Association of Realtors—showing high percentages of renters who could afford to buy instead don’t.

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