By Gregory Peer

Apartment Consultants, Inc. partners and agents are always looking for ways to give back to the San Diego community. For example, Keith Courtney, an ACI partner and broker as well as a San Diego State Alumnus, recently spoke at a San Diego State Real Estate Society (RES) event. The speaking engagement, coordinated by student members of RES as part of an initiative for professional and alumnus outreach, was one of a series of talks in which professionals offered insight and stories about their successes. Having worked in real estate since he graduated, Keith has taken the education he received at San Diego State, where he received a degree in Real Estate/Finance, and has achieved many personal and professional goals that he shared with the audience.

Keith Courtney At SDSU


Generations Reaching Out

Approached by one of the students to be a possible speaker at the event held in early November 2016, Keith jumped at the opportunity. He saw it as a chance to share his experiences so many years after graduating and give back by speaking at the event put together by the SDSU Real Estate Society (RES). He also saw a chance to network with students with some alumnus outreach, many of whom would likely become future real estate professionals once they graduate. “Because of RES, San Diego State students have numerous resources available to them if they are looking to get into, or want to explore real estate career possibilities” he explained. The presentation itself features Keith explaining his professional journey from SDSU student into the real estate professional he is today.  Digging deep into ACI’s 35 year history and proven track record of success, Keith offered students a perspective on the commercial real estate brokerage career opportunities that awaited them, what to expect and what it takes to be successful.  He concluded his presentation by offering students the chance to ask him questions and offering to meet with anyone interested in discussing future career options.


A Great Time For All

During post presentation conversations, Keith offered an enthusiastic take on the professionalism of the RES organization.  “I was very impressed with how organized and professional the meeting was”, Keith commented in an email to student leaders, later suggesting that the RES leadership team should be complimented on how they handled the event. Members of the SDSU faculty were also pleased with the event, voicing their positive feedback Keith Courtney at SDSUfrom attendants. “This is an incredibly important part of their educational experience” Elaine M. Worzala, Director of the Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate for SDSU commented in a post-presentation email, “it is professionals like [Mr. Courtney] that help shape them in to the future leaders of the real estate profession.”

For Keith, the end of the presentation simply means the beginning of strong relationships with future professionals.  “A few students have followed up with me since I spoke and I have enjoyed interacting with them”.  Courtney concluded in his post-presentation remarks, “I think the Real Estate Society is a huge asset to SDSU and will continue to help build the great reputation the SDSU College of Business has achieved.” It is the hope of Keith and everyone at ACI that SDSU real estate students find success in whatever the future holds.