For thirty-five years, Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In by Roger Fisher and William Uri has helped millions of smart people get better results from all kinds of negotiations. If you only have one negotiation book, make it this one.

For two generations I have negotiated with, for, and against millionaires. I’ve read 20+ volumes on negotiation and related topics, so this is no idle recommendation.

Here are three reasons why this book is best:

First, most negotiating books are merely a collection of tips. Fisher and Uri’s principled negotiation system can be applied universally. If both sides use the principles, then everyone wins.

Second, the book offers proven ways to negotiate better. You will learn how to:
• separate the people from the problem;
• focus on interests, not positions;
• establish effective and precise goals at the beginning of negotiations;
• together create options that will satisfy both sides;
• succeed even when opponents are more powerful, break the rules, or use dirty tricks.

Third, this volume innovated by recognizing and accenting the importance of emotion. Each section has practical tools to apply in your situations. That pioneering approach was further plumbed deeper by Beyond Reason: Using Emotion as You Negotiate, also out of the Harvard Negotiation Project. No matter what kind of negotiating you do, this book will help you understand the process and improve your results. Read and apply this classic. You’ll be glad you did.

About the Author: Terry Moore, CCIM, negotiates with the wealthy every business day. He is part owner of Apartment Consultants Inc., San Diego’s most active apartment brokerage. Reach Terry at, or 619-889-1031 or