Summer is here and San Diego, like a lot of the the South-Western United States felt it early this week. Local temperatures ranged from the high 90’s to well over 100 degrees in some parts of inland county. But with this weather also comes opportunity, a chance to make some changes to your property to combat the rising thermometer or to take stock and change parts of your property that you didn’t want to touch when the weather outside was frightful. So we asked ACI…

What types of maintenance would you recommend for a multifamily property when the weather warms up?



Chuck Hoffman, President & Broker of Record at ACI Says:

Take a look at the exterior trim, the landscaping, the parking lot and general curb appeal.  Painting the trim, stair rails, signs and other items that catch the eye go a long way in improving the first impression.  Flowering plants welcome current residents and add to the charm of the property and neighborhood.  Maybe new low water landscaping is now in order.  Does the parking lot need restriping or a complete resurfacing?  Now is the time to improve curb appeal of your property.






Terry Moore, Senior Vice President at ACI Says:

Paint and colorful plantings are always good ideas. In our semiarid zone we will move to xeriscape for next 50 years. Move that way sooner.








Arby Eivazian, Agent at ACI Says:

As the weather heats up here in San Diego, it is crucial to consider energy efficient ways to keep cool air from escaping. Installing insulation in your walls and attics, mounting or replacing ceiling fans, and replacing existing windows with dual-pane windows are all ways you can prepare your units for the summer ahead. Considering these options could help your tenants feel more comfortable and may even help you reduce utility costs.

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