San Diego real estate market offers investors a unique opportunity for improving their financial portfolio. From a beautiful beach-side community to the hustle and bustle of the city center, San Diego offers a spirit and energy all its own when compared to other cities in the United States. And don’t even get me started on the amazing weather. Thus, as we look forward to the upcoming holiday weekend we decided to ask our brokers and agents what they liked most about working in the county that’s home to America’s Finest City. So let’s ask ACI…

What do you love most about working within the San Diego County real estate market?


Chuck Hoffman, President and Broker of Record at ACI Says:

The long term wealth benefits that accrue to my clients are what I love most.  San Diego is a very unique region that due to physical and political barriers to entry make rental housing a prime investment vehicle.








Dave Savage, Director at ACI Says:

I enjoy being able to work with real San Diegans. I love working with people with whom I can sit at a kitchen table and help them grow their wealth by trading local apartment buildings with other local investors. People they can meet and shake hands with throughout the experience. Such a concept would be hard to find in other locations across the country, yet San Diego is just such a place. With nearly 10,000 apartment buildings, most of which are small to medium in size, there is no other city I know of that provides that kind of opportunity.






Keith Courtney, Principal at ACI Says:

San Diego is a great place to be in the real estate business because 1) Stability – San Diego’s diverse employment and higher education base limits our economy from slowing or having economic peaks and valleys as much as other areas, 2) Demand – San Diego’s weather is phenomenal, which attracts more and more people to the area and also makes people to not want to move away, 3) Lots of apartments – San Diego’s apartment market is unique compared to other areas in that there are a very large number of small to medium size buildings (4-50 units).  The smaller buildings allow real estate investors to start with a smaller investment (say 4 units) and then overtime move their equity into a larger building (say 8 units) and continue to repeat that process to constantly grow their wealth.





Terry Moore, Senior Vice President at ACI Says:

Brokerage is my calling. At first it was a job, then it became a career. Now it is a calling. Our team helps real investors make the most important choice of their next decade. People don’t need our services often, but we help them obtain better results than they could without us. After they have forgotten the details our results will be doing good thing for the owners and their tenants for years to come. 100,000 residents live in better housing because of the choices that my clients have made. More than 100 families have become millionaires while we serviced them.






Anton Burman, Associate at ACI Says:

You cant beat it! San Diego County is limited geographically. We have Camp Pendelton to the north. Mexico to the south. The ocean to the west and the mountains in the east. With the county being limited to expansion it allows us, as Apartment Consultants, to really believe in our product within the county. Our product has more security than the product of other areas. I believe that confidence is key in any investment you seek and the reason I love working in this market is because San Diego County apartment real estate is an investment that will always have sunshine, people and major appreciation.