Anton Burman and Family At Miracle Babies Walk

The ACI Community Spotlight takes a look at the passion that brokers and agents at Apartment Consultants Inc. bring to work outside the office with a focus on improving the lives and experiences of people in San Diego and abroad.

Whether it’s talking to his fellow ACI brokers to collaborate on a 5K running team or helping plan a charity golf tournament, few people have the drive to participate quite like Anton Burman in his work with the neonatal nonprofit Miracle Babies.

Established by Dr. Sean Daneshmand in 2009, Miracle Babies is dedicated to providing assistance for the health and safety of newborns and their mothers. “[We] provide support and financial assistance to families with critically-ill newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit” explains their website’s mission statement. In additional to neonatal care, Miracle Babies also focus research and education into a number of family-oriented health issues including childhood obesity and healthcare cost reduction. It was through this spirit of giving to a worthy cause that initially drew Anton to the organization five years ago.

Anton participating in the Miracle Babies Run/Walk 2016

“My mother, who is a nurse at Sharp Mary Birch hospital for women, initially got involved with the founder and the organization to help organize it.” Anton explained in a recent interview, “I attended the events and found out the shocking information about premature births and how complications in pregnancy can affect the lives of those who go through it.”

According to Miracle Babies, nearly 11.5% of United States live births are designated as pre-term. This condition can lead to complications and are often “responsible for 75% of neonatal mortality and 50% of long-term neurological impairments in children”

Such disturbingly high numbers alarmed Anton, helping to motivate him to dedicate time to the worthy cause of caring for those affected. “My goal in the Miracle Babies organization is to share the Miracle Babies message with those who are willing to put their time and money into a great cause for our future generations.” He explains, “To bring people to understand the issues and to try to get them involved enough to volunteer, donate or take part in our events.”

When asked to identify his biggest inspiration in the Miracle Babies organization, Anton doesn’t even have to think twice. “The founder Dr. Sean Daneshmand is my biggest inspiration because he deals with these types of complications in patients daily, and not only is he devoted time and money to help these people he is also the nicest person you will ever meet” referencing Dr. Daneshamand personal practice, “he has shown me over the years that caring about our children and our future generation is vitally important in how our country will be in the years to come.”

In many ways, Anton cultivates the entrepreneurial spirit that he brings to his role as an Associate at ACI when working with Miracle Babies. In addition to attending events for the nonprofit, he is also a member of the organization’s Board Advisory Committee. Occasionally, he even uses the experience he has gained at Apartment Consultants Inc. to interact with potential contributors. “My constant contact with wealthy investors allows me to share the message of Miracle Babies with those that are possibly looking to help with our cause.”

Recently, Anton worked with his associates and contacts to promote the Miracle Babies Run/Walk 2016, an annual 5K that is designed to further raise awareness and funds for families with babies in the NICU. The event saw an attendance of over 2,300 people and raised a total of $120,872, surpassing the original goal of $100,000.

The Miracle Babies Run/Walk 2016

Anton’s passion on the importance of these endeavors is strong. “We are talking about our future generation in America” He declares, “Not only is it important for us to provide financial support to the families that have to overcome the difficulties of having to deal with a child in the neonatal intensive care unit, but it is vital to the future generations in our country that we educate ourselves and others so we can prevent and treat the issues we face in the NICU.”

Even if participants are unable to attend an event, Anton always suggests getting involved however possible, even if it’s only financial. “I would love to invite readers to come join us for a great cause in helping out families in need” he notes, adding “If any readers decide to join please contact me and I will gladly provide you with some branded gear to let everyone know you contributed to a worthy cause.”

If you want to take him up on his offer, feel free to email him at