ASK ACI discusses what the best options are out there for a first time investors.

ASK ACI is a bi-weekly editorial that explores commercial real estate topics and advice from the professionals that have made ACI into the most successful income property brokerage firm in San Diego County. In order to celebrate this new beginning, we felt it was only appropriate to discuss a topic that every investor can relate to at some point, the experience of investing in your first multifamily property

Being a first-time buyer in the competitive market of apartment real estate can be a scary and overwhelming experience if done on your own. This reason leads most investors to brokerage firms such as ACI for their extensive experience identifying, acquiring, and selling or buying a property that you are interested in. As such, we brought together Apartment Consultants Inc.’s four shareholders to weigh in on this topic with their seasoned knowledge. 

So let’s ASK ACI…


Q: What do you consider to be the most important piece of advice for a first time investor looking to buy a property?



Chuck Hoffman, President and Broker of Record at ACI Says:

Get started now.  Fear often inhibits us from doing what is best for us.  Investing is no different.  It is no accident that less than 8.3% of U.S. households have net worth in excess of $1 million.  The first step is the most difficult.  The earlier one begins, the more time one has to reap the benefits of investing.






Dave Savage, Partner and Senior Director at ACI Says:

I have three simple pieces of advice:

Build your portfolio slowly and steadily.

Be patient and grateful.

Avoid getting ahead of yourself.








Keith Courtney, Principal at ACI Says:

Align yourself with a brokerage company with a long term successful track record that specializes in the type of property you want to purchase (apartment buildings for example) and then choose a real estate broker at that firm that has extensive brokerage experience and preferably that owns investment real estate also, to give you actual hands on guidance and professional representation.





Terry Moore, Senior Vice President at ACI Says:

There are Three essentials to any first time investor:

Think of this enterprise as the most lucrative temporary job you will ever have. Recognize that you are competing with other millionaires for an income stream. Expect it be more like NASCAR racing than Nordstrom personal shopping.

Develop a bias toward action. People who close are nimble and motivated. If you are open, you won’t buy. If you don’t show action the market will ignore you. Think clearly about the trade offs. Separate your wishes from what is essential.


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