ACI Economic Earmark

Originally posted by MICHAEL LIPKIN | Feb. 4, 2016

An index tracking San Diego’s economic health rose in November and December, marking three consecutive months of modest growth after a gloomy summer.

The University of San Diego-backed index rose 0.7 percent in November and 0.2 percent in December, ending up at 139.8, the school said Thursday. The index had risen for 13 consecutive months through June, then dipped from July through September before levelling off. The index is now more than five percent higher than last December.

The index authors said recent gains suggest the summer’s decline was a slowing of growth opposed to the beginning of a downturn.

In November, all of the index’s six metrics rose, except for consumer confidence, which was down slightly. The following month saw more mixed indicators, with help wanted advertising, building permits and unemployment insurance improving while stock prices, the national economy and consumer confidence fell.

The index’s full name is the USD Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate’s Index of Leading Economic Indicators for San Diego County.

This article was originally published by the San Diego Business Journal and can be found HERE.